Let's breakup with
Chronic Pain

Strong. Capable. Courageous. All the feels we want for you.

We’ve partnered with Australia’s peak advocacy body for people living with chronic pain to deliver Kaha. Pocket-sized support for the self management of chronic pain.

The A Team in your pocket.

We believe in self-directed care and being informed by the experts. We also know humour helps. We’ve gathered the A team of professionals and we're here to give you the knowledge you need to break up with your pain.  

And we hand out plenty of digital cuddles along the way.


We get to know about your pain

Each of us can have a unique experience and we're here to hear about yours


We deliver the latest research in actionable chunks

We bring empathy and humour to the science so it's easier to take action on what you learn


We encourage you to discover what works for you

Easy logging of movement and reflective pain scores.  


We show you what works for you

Data and insights into your pain. Our goal is your goal, more low pain days

Motion is Lotion

Movement is key to getting more function and less pain but we know there may be a few blockers in your way that are stopping you from doing the movement you want to be able to do.

We're here to help you un-block and start "doing" again. We deliver the latest pain education translated into actionable chunks and we know light humour works so thanks for putting up with our dad jokes and us busting out song lyrics.

Is this right for me?

If you can't find the right team or you can't get to those appointments;
if you're stuck on a crappy waiting list or you're sick of boring pain management programs;
if you're sick of the pain and you want to initiate the break up...
Give us a try.

How much is it?

$83.90 for the first 12 months. You'll get access to the current version and more app features as they're developed.

Can I really self manage my pain?

Yes. You may not have all the tools and confidence to lead the management of your pain but that's what we're here to give you.

Need more information? Send us your questions here.

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Contact us

Our Founder's Story

As a treating exercise physiologist in my 20s, I helped patients break up with their pain by prescribing the right movement for their bodies and lifestyles.  In my 30s, chronic pain became personal.  My husband had chronic back pain from old sporting injuries and it was affecting every facet of our lives.  New research came out to confirm what I'd experienced with my patients and applying that research to work through my husband’s chronic back pain worked.  He successfully self managed his pain and has been pain free ever since.

We’ve gathered a team of experts, scoured the research and pulled together Kaha to help more people with Chronic Pain. Our mission is to help 2 million people break up with their pain.  

If you’re experiencing chronic pain and want to self-direct your care, give us a try. We're here to support you.

2 Million

The number of people we want to help break up with pain.


Our small team of contributors, developers and passionate humans who want to help you.

What our customers are saying!

We're brand new to the app world and we know you need some social proof to give this a try. Not to brag, but we've actually received some rave reviews from our first customers.

“Good vibes”

"I love when Kaha quotes random song lyrics that relate to my state of mind. It’s like motivation from the app then comes through my radio. I giggle every time"

Top 40 Lover

Ex-back pain sufferer

“Best use of my time”

"It's like all the appointments with all the professionals I can't afford and have no time for- in one app. I get to go at my own pace and i'm learning so much"

Time Poor Mum

Working through Shoulder Pain

“New found confidence”

Kaha gave me the confidence to try reformer pilates. I'm feeling strong, my back pain is gone and I can sneeze again"

Suprised Dude

Old stress fractures in lower back

"I was skeptical but I'm sold"

"I didn't think I would get pain relief from an app. I was wrong. I gave it a go while waiting for surgery and now don't need surgery"

Skeptical Grandpa

Neck fusion avoider

Kaha is currently available for iPhone.

Our Android version coming in 2024. You can register your interest to be an Android beta tester.

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Let's help 2 million people to break up with Chronic Pain

In the spirit of reconciliation, Kaha Health Solutions acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land,sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.